Thursday, December 8, 2011

TruKid + Giveaway


First, I have to tell you that you must read the story about the creator of TruKid products. Jennifer is truly inspiring. 6 KIDS...OH read right!
 I just love their philosophy too: We encourage kids to form healthy habits that last a lifetime. By combining all natural skincare with fun and education, TruKid™ cultivates a relationship between healthy habits and being a kid. In turn, our goal is that kids will grow up taking care of themselves, each other and their environment. From our Friendly Face Wash™ to our Funny Foot Cream™, families receive only the best in ingredients, attention and dedication to their well being.

My kids got to try out a few products. They liked every one of them of course. The Bubbly Body Wash was a hit! The more bubbles the better, and they made some bubbles! My girls have very sensitive skin so it's nice to find a product that doesn't dry them out and irritate their skin. This all natural cleanser smells like a mild coconut. This is a mild, safe cleanser for skin that effectively removes surface oil, and dirt without stripping or drying sensitive skin. It's great for my kids so I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

The other item my kids tried out was the Silly Shampoo. TruKid's Silly Shampoo is a mild, safe cleanser for kids' sensitive skin and hair that effectively removes surface oil, and dirt without stripping natural oils. Lightly scented with TruKids essential oil blend, there are no parabens, SLS, artificial colors or fragrances in this biodegradable formula. Another great product for kids with sensitive skin! I love using this on my kids' hair. It doesn't have a strong smell and does what it is supposed to do. My kids hair is so soft and shiny after we're done. The best natural shampoo I've found that doesn't irritate my daughters' skin! The pump is great to because it makes it easy for the kids when the';re on their little independent streaks. They can do it themselves without getting too much.

We also had the privilege of trying out this new product called Rockin' Rash Relief. It was perfect timing because my daughter had just developed a blister from her new shoes. It was pretty nasty too. I put the ointment on and it didn't sting her! That is truly a first! It's not a thick creamy medicine either, so none of that pushing and pulling on the skin when you apply it. It goes on easily and then cover with a band-aid. This ointment provides a natural relief from everyday emergencies: cuts, scrapes, scratches, and any other skin irritations. Her blister healed within a few days. I seriously need a tube of this stuff!

I LOVE the TruKid products. I already have a list of the items I need to purchase. Which includes the conditioner and hair detangler!

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 Bubbly Body Wash & Silly Shampoo
 We received these products from the wonderful people at TruKid for our honest review.

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