Saturday, October 5, 2013

Equation Time

I must tell you, Thinkfun is my go to place for fun and educational games. The most recent game my kids and I played with is called Math Dice Powers. The boys in my house just LOVE math, so I knew they would love this game.

With this game you get 2 target dice with 12 sides. 1 dice is the base, and the other is the exponent. So if you rolled a 6 and a 2, it would be 6 squared. Then you have 3 scoring dice with 6 sides. With those scoring dice you roll 3 different numbers. You combine those 3 numbers to get as close as you can to the Target answer. 

I know they put ages on these games, but my youngest even had fun playing. She's only 4, but in her mind if big brother can do it so can she!

Educational games that my kids love are the BEST! This game is SUPER inexpensive too! You can buy it at and for a really great price. It's a great Christmas gift idea!

OK, It's that time of year again where the people vote for their favorite toys and games. I must tell you that ThinkFun has 3 nominations this year!  

Their nominations are:

Laser Maze – Innovative Toy of the Year

WordARound – Game of the Year

Laser Maze – Specialty Toy of the Year

You can vote for them here.

As an added bonus, each vote is a chance to win one of 

twelve TOTY prize packages filled with toys and games 

featured in each category! (Voting ends Jan. 13th.)  Many 

thanks for spreading the word and for your continued

 support of ThinkFun! And the happiest of holidays to you.

Thank you Think Fun for providing this game to our family to review.