Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thinkfun offers fun, addicting games that make you use your brain. Do you have a family game night? Maybe you should start one. It's a great way to spend quality time with the kids. Well, we have a 2 & 3 year old so family game nights at our house can be very interesting. That's another post for another time. Let's get back to fun family games.

Cards store in this handy pouch

My son  setting up the game
 The wonderful folks at ThinkFun sent us this really great card game to review. My 8 yr old can't get enough of it. You've never seen anything like it before. SWISH consists of a transparent deck of cards. That sounds fun already doesn't it?! You can flip, rotate, and stack these cards. On each of these cards there is a colored ball and a colored basket. The point of the game is to get that colored ball into the same colored basket. You really have to use your noodle, because if your cards don't match when you cry out swish, you have to turn in a card from the cards you have already. You can get up to 5 points in a play. We haven't gotten that good at the game yet, but we're working on it.
Go check out There's a section for Parents and Teachers. You can find great ideas and resources for your families. Our family can't wait to try out another game.
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ThinkFun has 2 games, Swish and Tilt, that have been nominated as finalists for 2012 Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards! Voting is open to the public so go vote for your favorite.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Natural Sunscreen

Goddess Garden Pure Enlightened Suncare products were created because of a child with sensitive skin. Her mother, Nova Covington, began creating organic products to use on the baby. My children and I had the privilege of trying out the sunscreen products. I've read some negative articles in the past about sunscreens in general. I began thinking that there are no safe ones for my family and I. We began using NOTHING! Not a good thing to do in the desert, but what else were we to do?
Thank God for Goddess Garden! Their all natural sunscreen was the product we were looking for and needed. Here's the facts:

• 82% Organic - the highest certified organic content Sunscreen available 
• SPF 30 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB coverage without the use of chemical sunscreens 
• Water Resistant 
• Dermatologist Recommended  
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I love that it nourishes sensitive skin because my girls have very sensitive skin. Now they don't have to worry about breaking out when we use this product. It doesn't smell like the usual sunscreen either. It has a light and fresh scent. It's not greasy either, which is another big plus. I believe we have finally found the right place for our suncare needs.


Goddess Garden has products for babies on up to us grown folk and at great prices for quality products. Even better, they donate to charities selected by the company's employees. Last year they donated 20% of their profits to charitable organizations.

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We received 2 Goddess Garden products for the purpose of this review. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Over the Top Review

My girlfriends and I
The Women of Faith "Over the Top" conference was just what my girlfriends and I needed! On the first day we had the pleasure of hearing the wise and inspirational words of Patsy Clairmont. I love her! She is full of humor, and yet everything she says cuts to your soul. I loved the testimonies and stories she shared. "Sarcasm is anger wrapped in a clown suit." WOW, yeah that's another way of looking at it. "God designed us so that our will is bigger than our emotions." Patsy has such a great knowledge of the bible and can share it so eloquently. She explains things in a simple way so that we have a better understanding and grasp on what Jesus is trying to tell us through His word.
Patsy Clairmont
Then we had the privilege of hearing from author Andy Andrews. This guy is hilarious and can't sit still for a second. He really helped women understand out husband a little more. How men are on the inside even with that tough exterior. He had some great stories to share too. He spoke to us about 7 Decisions. He talked about being WISE. Not just having knowledge, but wisdom. He also spoke about forgiveness. Saying sorry is one thing, and asking for forgiveness is totally something else. I really enjoyed his speaking more than I thought I would. I am really interested in reading his novel "The Traveler's Gift" as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.
Masdisa and Tim Hawkins performed on the first night. I LOVE MANDISA! I had to throw that in there. I love her voice and the fact she loves to worship God. She was sitting her chair singing along and worshiping when other speakers were singing a song. You can just see the joy she gets out of it. It was great to see!
Lisa Welchel
Sandi Patty
We started off the next morning with Lisa Welchel. She shared with us her struggle for making and keeping real friendships. Growing up on a TV show, she was vulnerable in a way. EVERYONE probably wanted to be her friend, but how many wanted true friendships. Maybe they just wanted to be close to an actress. She gave us some pointers and advice when it comes to seeking out real friendships that will help us grow in Christ.  She had a great testimony to share as well.  Patsy Clairmont spoke to us again that day with some more encouragement. Deborah Joy Winans, neice of Bebe and Cece Winans, did an outstanding piece. She really had us enthralled in the story she shared about throwing stones. We are all guilty of sin, so how can we judge others and throw stones. Someday it might be us or a family member in a similar situation. What then? Will we throw our stones at them? Put the rock down...we have no right.
Right before lunch Sandi Patty came on stage and shared an emotional testimony with us. She has come so far in her life and walk with Christ. She sang a few songs of inspiration. Other speakers were Marilyn Meberg, Brenda Warner, and a performance from Amy Grant.
From Left to Right: Amy Grant, Marilyn Meberg, Patsy Clairmont, Lisa Welchel, Brenda Warner, Mandisa
This was an emotional conference and oh so life changing. We just need to put into practice what we learned. I've learned so much and I am working on myself, areas where God has revealed things I need to change and work on. I really hope to attend the next Women of Faith Conference. It is such a blessed time for all women.

You can "Like" Women of Faith on Facebook to keep up to date with all of their great events.

LOTS OF THANKS TO BOOKSNEEZE.COM AND WOMEN OF FAITH FOR OUR COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS. I received 2 tickets to the Women of Faith Over the Top to do this review.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

These Bars Are Supreme

  CONGRATS Mary, Kayla M, & Katie B

My husband, being in the military, has to work out all the time. I wanted to review a product that could benefit Daddy too. This is a product for all you Mommas and Poppas who love to work out.
 Supreme Protein knows what tastes good! They didn't win 20 awards for "Outstanding Taste & Quality" for nothing! "From its premium-quality protein blend—powered by ultra-pure whey isolate as its primary source" We received 3 different flavors to review. I've never eaten a protein bar that didn't have some strange after taste. Maybe it's just my taste buds, who knows? I just know with Supreme Protein, there's no weird taste. Just a whole lotta goodness, I was warned to buckle up my taste buds because they were in for a wild ride. My 8 yr old wanted to eat 3 a day, that crazy kid. I had to remind him they were for his daddy. That didn't stop him from eating a peanut butter and jelly one everyday. My husband said these were the best protein bars he's ever had. His exact words were "Mmm Mmm Tasty...the other phrase is copyrighted." The caramel nut chocolate were the first ones that got completely eaten. My husband said they tasted like candy. Now that's one delicious protein bar that I would even eat, and I did. Peanut butter pretzel twist was the other flavor we got to review. If you love peanut butter and pretzels this is your bar! Other flavors they offer are Peanut Butter Crunch, Cookies 'n Cream, Rocky Road Brownie, and Chocolate Caramel Cookie Crunch. As you can see there is a bar for everyone's taste buds.

You can find Supreme Protein bars at your local CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, GNC, and thousands of other retail locations including 
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Giveaway Time
3 Winners will receive 1 box of Supreme Protein Bars 
Good Luck!
I received these bars for free from Supreme Protein at my request for an honest review. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blender in a Bottle

I was very enthusiastic when I received the BlenderBottle to review. This will be your favorite drink bottle and your favorite new kitchen appliance! Not only is this BPA Free, but it has a tight seal. There's nothing I hate more than a reusable bottle that drips out the edges where bottle and lid meet. I have had none of those problems with this product at all, even after some vigorous shaking. The screw on lid is very secure. This bottle has this unique wire whisk called the Blender Ball, that goes inside. It's great for mixing your drinks (protein shakes, tea, juice, smoothies). It even helps create some great meals too! This bottle comes in 2 sizes and a variety of lid colors. You can choose between the 20 oz. or the 28 oz. They are affordable! The 20 oz sells for $8.49 and the 28 oz. is $8.99.

Some more facts about the BlenderBottle:
  • BlenderBall® mixer inside
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to add ingredients
  • Large drink/pour spout
  • StayOpen flip cap ™ won’t close on your nose
  • GripperBars™ make it easy to hold
  • Embossed ounce and milliliter markings
  • Easy to clean—dishwasher safe
  • 20 or 28-ounce capacity
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Fits in most car drink holders
  • Patented 

Along with the BlenderBottle, I received a handy dandy sling. The sling is perfect for moms and kids. I know for moms, you need more hands than the two you've got already, so with the sling you can keep those hands free for other things. I don't know about your location, but here in the desert it's hot and we are constantly carrying water with us. Most of the time I hear my kids whining that the water bottle is too cold and they don't want to hold it anymore. With this sling they wouldn't have to. They could carry it without freezing their fingers, or hang it on the shopping cart. The Neoprene sling is insulated and it's the perfect fit for your BlenderBottle and will keep your drink cooler longer. Your BlenderBottle will stand up on a table while in the sling, so it's not necessary to remove it when you want to set your bottle down. They have many colors to choose from and 2 different sizes to fit your bottle. These are also a great price. The 20 oz sling is $7.49 and the 28 oz is priced at $7.99.

Our Yummy Lemon Bars

Then there's the wonderful BlenderBottle recipe book. I actually tried one of the recipes at the spur of the moment. I was reading through and decided we needed some dessert after dinner. I selected the recipe for lemon bars because I had all the ingredients for that one. The recipes are quick and very easy to read. The ingredients that go in the BlenderBottle are marked so that makes it even easier. This is a good "appliance" to have if your kiddos are like mine, and they like to help in the kitchen. While I was getting the crust ready, my 3 year old daughter did the shaking to mix the ingredients in the BlenderBottle. She had a lot of fun with that. When it was time to pour the lemon concoction, both my 2 and 3 year olds took turns pouring it onto the the crust. I love the fact that my younger children can help and there is no mess. I only used 1 small bowl and my BlenderBottle, so cleanup was super quick and easy just like the recipe! The lemon bars were delicious! I can't wait to try the next recipe. You can get your own 101 recipe book for $12.99.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter

The wonderful folks at Sundesa LLC are giving you a chance to win your very own 28 oz BlenderBottle, sling, and recipe book! Winner will choose the color of bottle & sling they want!
Good Luck!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Your Kids Would Approve

When a friend of mine told me about this awesome website called Kid Kritics Approved, I had to know more! I got the chance to speak with Ellen Briggs (Food Consultant, Co-Founder of Family Food Experts, & Author) about their mission. She is very excited and determined and let me tell ya, it is very contagious! When you find a product with the KKA (Kid Kritic Approved) seal on it, you can be confident your children will be eating healthier ingredients that other kids approved of! That means great tasting too! Being the mother of a very picky 8 yr old I need all the help I can get with feeding him healthy food. If it was loved by 70% of other kids his age then there's a good chance he might just love it too. I shared with Ellen about my son's picky ways and she suggested that I let him help me prepare the meals. He will be my little Sous Chef from now on. Check out these Kid Kritics at work

Kid Kritic Approved Yummi Bear Vitamins
There is so much going on for the health of our kids and families, so read carefully. Find out here how a product and recipe earns a KKA seal. This website has KKA recipes for every meal of the day! Not only that, but the grocery list along with it. I love that because it makes the shopping so much easier. You can also find a list of featured Kid Kritic Approved brands. Really try out these recipes Moms and leave your comments or feedback about them. The KKA team wants to know what you think! If you have a recipe that is healthy and your kids love, then you can email them and they may have their Kid Kritics try it out if it meets certain standards. They even give you suggestions on how to make it healthier if need be. You can also sign up to be a Healthy Recipe Mom. "Moms from around the country have signed up for our Healthy Recipe Moms group! Healthy Recipe Moms are periodically (2-3 times a year) asked to receive FREE Kid Kritics Approved products in the mail to try in their favorite recipes. Then they submit their recipes to us to post on our site."
Every Friday they have a guest speaker on their radio program. Friday 9.16.11 (Noon EDT) Amy Smith will be talking about "The Business of Motherhood." Here's a synopsis: "From time issues on feeding your kids to what to feed them… from scheduling your children to budgets, Amy Smith ( is here to help you with tools you need to function as a mom, probably a working mom.  She knows the job of being a mother is like managing a business. Tune in to learn about her box of tools she's collected to make your life easier!." You don't want to miss this one! You can even call in with your questions! You can also find the Family Food Experts' FREE podcasts on iTunes. Just pick out and listen to the subjects that your interested in.
Sign up for their newsletter. There's some great information in there and you receive a free breakfast recipe ebook! There always seems to be a sweepstakes going on that you can enter up to 2 times daily. This week you can enter to win a case of Multigrain Oat Bread, Organic. "So hearty it will stand up to anything you can throw at it or in between it, be it roasted chicken or grilled salmon. And the oats add texture to keep things interesting. Made with stuff you can pronounce and ingredients you recognize." Whew....did you get all that?! I hope I didn't leave anything out. So check out the site, "like" them on Facebook, and if you have any questions about anything go ahead and post them in the comment section. I will be happy to forward them to Ellen and the KK Team  and she will get those answers for you. I end this with Ellen's sign off - For the health of your family.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Little 50s Girl

My daughter received a very cute 50s costume from the wonderful folks at Costume Discounters to review. All of my kids love playing dress up anytime of the day or month. Halloween isn't the only day for costumes in our home!
They sent the costume in this very nice garment type bag. Who does that? I really appreciated it because the costume was all nice and neat on the hanger. Now we have a place to store the costume for next year! There were so many awesome girls Halloween costumes to choose from that it took my daughter a couple days to decide. As you can see she went ahead and picked Pretty Poodle Princess Costume. I'm so glad she did because her sister has a 50s poodle skirt costume too. They can match!
Zoey dancing in her new poodle skirt
Costume Discounters sells a huge variety of costumes at great prices. If you become a member the price is even less! It's so easy to be a member too. It only costs $5 a year and it's not auto renewal, so you won't have this surprise charge on your card a year from now! I think that is a great idea because I never remember that sort of thing. Not only can you find the costume you're looking for, but a great selection of accessories. The shipping prices are also super fabulous. Only $4.99 for standard ground shipping no matter how much you order. If you want it fast then it only costs $6.99! If you don't have a lot of extra money to spend on Halloween, church plays, or for any costume need, Costume Discounters is the place to shop! This is going to be my new go-to place for any of our dress-up needs.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Think I Can? NO, I Know I Can!



I really love this whole positivity thing! I had to contact Deb Luster about her Can Do Campaign. The CAN DO KID team sent my kids a great book and some yummy snack bars to review. I am a can-do Mom of 3 children. I am constantly telling them they can be anything they want to be, and they can do anything they dream of doing. My 8 yr old son wants to draw machines and buildings and then build them when he grows up, and guess what, he can do that. My 3 yr old little girl wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, and she can do that! My 2 yr old daughter just wants to be the boss right now. When she's playing with her dolls, she can be the boss of them.

Reading to her little sister
My girls really loved the story, "I Can Do Anything." This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and children my kids can identify with. While reading the story about all the things these kids could do, my own kids would shout out, "I CAN DO THAT TOO!" After the story part of the book your kids get introduced to other children. Their families, what they like, and what they Can Do. Before I know it they will be saying I am a can do kid. You can look inside the book for a sneak peek at

Yummy Can Do Bars
The kids gobbled down the Can Do Bars like candy! It's a good thing they're so healthy!  

Here are the facts: CAN DO Kid bars are formulated with just the right amount of protein and nutrients for growing bodies.

CAN DO Kid bars are also:
  • Made with 9 grams of protein and 16 essential vitamins and minerals
  • All natural, with no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats
  • Available in three great flavors: Chocolate Crunch, Cookies and Cream, and CAN-illa Vanilla
  • Packaged in two separate for sharing and just-right-size portions 
Don't worry parents! You were not forgotten! There is a Can Do Bar for you too! Check out their website to find out more.

You are entering to win a variety box of 15 Can Do Bars AND the children's book

Sunday, September 11, 2011


We will remember for the rest of our lives what we were doing Sept 11, 2001. That was the day that America changed forever. I was at home with my husband, who had recently broken his ankle at work. His friend called from North Carolina to tell us that an airplane had just hit the World Trade Center. My husband thought he was just making things up or something. I remember him repeating himself, "Are you serious? Are you sure? You're serious?" We turned on the news a couple minutes before the second plane hit the second tower. Staring at our TV in disbelief, we didn't speak to each other at all. We just watched and listened in shock. Then the reports started coming in about the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash. Not long after that day, my husband was put on orders with his unit and life as we know it continues.
Ten years later, we are still shocked by footage of that day.
Ten years later, we are still in an ongoing war to keep America safe from the terrorists who hate our country.
Last night I couldn't sleep and I was watching one show after the next dedicated to 9/11. I was so emotional! The people who sacrificed themselves to make sure others were safe. They kept playing phone messages that were left to loved ones when they realized their end was near. The ones that hurt the most were the ones who thought they were fine and everything was going to be OK. They had no idea what was happening around them.
My prayers are with those who lost loved ones on that horrific day. A big thank you goes out to all our First Responders (Fire, Police, EMTs) and our military.
My church had a really nice service today. We honored Tucson's 1st responders with an offering so they could get things they needed to continue to protect and serve.

Today, enjoy your family. Hug your loved ones.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crunchmaster Crackers

I received a nice box of Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers from the Green Moms Meet Campaign. I was so glad I was chosen for this! They are "oven baked with a blend of sesame, quinoa, flax and amaranth seeds, and are lightly topped with natural seasonings."
Surprisingly my kids enjoyed them. They are very picky eaters, and these crackers being sooo healthy, I didn't think they would. These crackers were a hit! When I took them to share with our group, everyone really liked the flavor. They were happy to get a coupon and take some extra packs home for themselves. We sampled the original flavor, but there are three other flavors to choose from. They have Rosemary & Olive Oil, Roasted Garlic, and Toasted Onion. Crunchmaster Multi-seed Crackers would go great with your favorite dips and spreads. These delicious crackers are:

* All Natural
* Low Saturated Fat
* Cholesterol Free
* Wheat Free
* Gluten Free (Certified)

You can check out Crunchmaster online for more information on their other products. You can find some really great gluten free recipes.

Right now you can sign up and receive a coupon for $1 off your next purchase of Multi-Seed Crackers or any of their other snacks.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seasoned Nuts...YUM

Josh and Edmond came up with Sahale snacks back in 2003 when they went mountain climbing in Washington. While their trail mix and nuts replenished their energy, it didn't have a good, flavorful taste. "We use whole ingredients in their natural form -- such as cashews, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts -- and combine them with naturally dried and preservative-free (unsulphured) fruits, then add fabulous ingredients like organic orange blossom honey, lemongrass, balsamic vinegar, Moroccan harissa or pure ground Madagascar vanilla beans. They are all natural, delicious, conveniently packaged, and full of nutrition."

The wonderful folks at Sahale Snacks sent my family and I some samples to try. They didn't last long in our house! My personal favorite happened to be the Cashews with Pomegranate + Vanilla. The kids loved this one too! How they made them so yummy, "Pomegranate, Vanilla, and Cashews. Our whole roasted Cashews are teamed with Pomegranate and Apple, and balanced with pure Vanilla bean. Our light glaze adds just the right amount of sweetness."  

The other snacks we tried were Barbeque Almonds with Mild Chipotle + Ranch, Southwest Cashews with Chili + Cheddar, and Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt. These are a delicious healthy snack and can be easily thrown in your lunchboxes and hiking packs. This is a quick, flavorful, healthy snack option for anyone on the go. And, if you're a busy mom and your kids love nuts, you have to let them try these.

You can find their products at Starbucks nationwide, Costco, Walmart, some grocery and specialty stores. I originally found these delicious snacks on You can find out more about Sahale Snacks and what they're all about on their website. "Like" them on Facebook and "Follow" them on Twitter to keep up with what's going on in the Sahale Snacks world.