Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peter Rabbit Organics

Sweet potato, corn, and apples does not sound like the best blend. I was delightfully surprised! My kids let me have a little taste of theirs. They are so kind. The kids liked most of them. There was the Pea, Spinach and Apple Puree flavor that my oldest didn't like because he can't handle the texture of some foods. 
The Peter Rabbit Organics product features:
  • 100% Vegetables and Fruit
  • No added sugar
  • Made in USA
  • Nothing artificial and not diluted with water
  • 100% USDA Organic
  It's a great substitute for those sugary snacks we sometimes give our kids. It's easier to eat than the yogurt tubes too. No messes to clean up is always a plus for busy moms.

You can find their products for a great price on   Amazon.com or go to the Peter Rabbit Organics website to see which nationwide store you can purchase yours from.

The wonderful folks at Peter Rabbit Organics, who sent me their product to review, is offering a prize to one of my readers. They will send you 12 assorted pouches to the winner! That's just awesome right there!

CONGRATULATIONS TAMARA SZ!!!! You have won this awesome giveaway! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brothers-ALL-Natural Fruit Crisps

"I like 'em. I want another!"
   The wonderful people at Brothers-ALL-Natural sent us their fruit crisps to review. My kids LOVE them and yes, even my picky eater there on the left! Her exact words were "Nummy, Nummy."  My 3 yr old said it with one simple word, "GOOD!"
   These are not just great to eat anytime of day, but great for on the go, healthy snacking too. The real fruit can get a bit messy with all that juice dripping all over the kids and whatever is around them.  
  Brothers-ALL-Natural FRUIT Crisps has 7 varieties of fruit to choose from: pineapple, peach, pear, mandarin orange, and MORE.  These are 100% fruit with no added preservatives or sugar. Here's how they do it "We start with luscious fresh fruit, straight from the best growing regions of the world. We then send it directly to our state-of-the-art FREEZE DRIED process that gently removes the water from the fresh fruit, and transforms it into a delicious delightfully light, and flavorful CRISP."
  They have a 1 year shelf life, which is great, but it would never last a year in my house with my 3 little food vacuums. The Mickey's Clubhouse versions have approximately a whole fruit and a half  sliced in each bag, and the original version has 2 servings of fruit in each bag. You are getting the same nutrition that you would be getting if you were eating the fresh fruit! Another thing, you don't have to measure out the servings because the whole bag is a serving size. So go ahead....eat the WHOLE bag! You can find these yummy snacks on Amazon.com, which is where I found them :).
Not diced fruit....SLICED fruit!

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FOR ONE OF MY READERS: You can win Disney Mickey's Clubhouse version of the Pineapple Chunks which contains 25% of a whole pineapple!  Please post a comment about why you would love to win and I will use random.org to pick a winner on Friday June 10th 10pm MTN time. GOOD LUCK!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pirate's Booty

We got a special surprise from the Fed-Ex guy today!! Lots of Peanut Butter Cups and Pirate's Booty snacks!!! While the chocolate is solidifying once again the kids are eating these yummy puff snacks. These are all natural, baked rice and corn puffs. Gluten and trans fat free! They have many different flavors, but the one we are enjoying right now is the aged white cheddar flavor. YUMMMMMMY!!!!  Got our Schwann's goodies today. Dinner and dessert is taken care of :).
Thank you Traveling Sisterhood for your review and giveaway. I was glad I won this one :)

Leap Frog Learning Leap Pad

I know this is the oldest thing from Leap Frog, but my kids love it. I bought this huge kit for my son when he was 4 or 5.  He played with it a little over the years, but now that he's 8 he can't put it down. Maybe it's more exciting now that he can actually read and follow along. His little sisters love the letter cards and books that came with the kits. They have been playing with this stuff nonstop since we pulled it out yesterday. It's educational so I don't mind a bit :)