Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The 3 Aguilar children went to their dentist and only 2 came back cavity free! Sources tell us that Zoey did great & got all of her x-rays done with no problems. Alana cried the whole time but calmed down after she got her goody bag. The most interesting part is that it was the oldest child that had the cavity. He brushes more than all of them! Mrs Aguilar's stated, "My poor baby! I'm so sorry! I should still brush his teeth for him too." How could this have happened? Mr Aguilar commented, "It's that extra soda I was sharing with him at dinnertime." Dr. Hishaw said his cavity was just getting started on a baby tooth, and since his baby teeth are taking so long to fall out (age 7: total teeth lost: 2), they would take care of it ASAP. Alex had to go back to his wonderful dentist's office the next day to fix the cavity. Alex was not available for comment because he was under the influence of laughing gas.   Next month: Orthodontist

Gas to travel to office: $10
Cost to fix cavity: $132
Seeing Alex's precious smile (cavity free): Priceless

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My kids :)

My 3 beautiful blessings. My karate champ, Alexander, who will be 8 in a few more months. My little ballerina, Zoey, who just turned 3. Then there's our most strong willed child of all, and she looks the most innocent, Alana and not quite 2 yet. They all have their own special personalities, and teach me something new everyday. Love them to pieces!