Reviews will be posted within 30 days of receiving product (unless otherwise agreed upon). Reviews will be advertised on Facebook, Twitter, and the many mommy groups and sites I'm part of. Once the review is published, I will e-mail you a direct link to where it can be viewed.

Giveaways: Do not feel obligated to offer anything, but keep in mind that a review/giveaway combination will generate more web traffic in your direction.

If offering a product: You are responsible for shipping the product directly to the winner (when the giveaway is closed, I will e-mail you with the winner's full name, and mailing address). If offering a promotional code, store credit, or gift card, I have no problem posting the code if it's open to all of my readers. If you choose to just offer 1 reader a promo code or gift card then I will give you the winner info. Giveaways will last 2 weeks (unless otherwise requested by you). You may provide me with up to 3 URLs to your businesses website, fan page, or other social media pages related to your business which readers will have to visit in order to enter the giveaway.

We look forward to working with you and promoting your products.