Friday, October 14, 2011

Zippy Shoes


What a great concept! You don't have to buy a whole new pair of shoes when you are tired of the look you're sporting. If the soles are still good, change the top...HELLO! Zipz shoes are the next generation of shoes.  
Here's what they have to say:  ZIPZ® Shoes are removeable and interchangeable shoes, like nothing you’ve owned before! Simply match any ZIPZ® COVERS with any same size ZIPZ® SOULS to create one of-a-kind mix and match shoes. Shop our ZIPZ® store by zippin’ on over to the Shop ZIPZ® tab. Our shoes are hand-made to ensure comfort, quality, and reliability. Invented in California, Designed in the U.S. Change your shoes. Change yourself. Change your world. ZIPZ®

Here's what I have to say:  These are the coolest shoes I've ever seen! My daughter loves them and has to show everyone she meets how she can unzip the top of her shoes. If you're grown and your feet have stopped enlarging, then you can purchase a pair of soles and then a variety of different tops. You can wear hi-tops one day and low sneaker the next. You can wear a different color or design. THIS PRODUCT IS SO INNOVATIVE! I want to get my daughter another cover for her shoes so she can switch it out with the one she has. She tells me that they are really comfortable so that's a good thing! I can honestly say that this is her favorite pair of shoes to date. My 8 year old now wants a pair for himself! I shall add that to the Christmas list. 
You can become a Zipzter too! Check out their website and find a pair that's perfect for you. Don't forget a cover to change the tops.

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Thanks to John Stefani & the awesome folks at Zipz Shoes, they are offering 1 pair of Zipz to the winner 

I received 1 pair of of shoes from Zipz for my honest review


  1. Oops, I no read instructions well... I think I just entered every which way possible, then saw the "Once Only" comment. Sorry... I take it back!

  2. You can enter all those ways, just once for each way, except for the ones that specify daily. You're good! You did it right!

  3. How cool is that? Very neat concept :D

  4. These are awesome! Zoey's shoes are soooo cute. I like the Punk Pink and the Ruby Heartz. =-)

  5. I like the low top PUNK PINK.

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  6. This really is an awesome idea - - it's one of those things you see and think "why didn't I think of THAT???". So, of course, I had to enter! My little one will think it's the coolest thing :)
    Visiting from VB!

  7. That's a great idea. Never saw anything like that shoe-wise before.
    From VB

  8. Ooh dawggy! These are COOL! :) I am entered!

  9. THANK YOU so much! Now to choose... :)