Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Kid Soap

My kids already love to wash their hands, but the SquidSoap now makes it so much more fun. It gets my kids on a mission to really get their hands clean. "SquidSoap features an ink marker located on top of the pump dispenser so that when the pump is pushed down to dispense the soap, the hand is marked with an orange dot. The mark washes away with a 20 second wash, ensuring clean healthy hands!"
The first time my son used this soap the ink spot did not wash off within 20 seconds. After trying a few different things we discovered that maybe the ink spot was getting to dry and/or my son's hands weren't wet enough. My tip to you would be to make sure your child's hands are very wet before pushing on the stamp. It even helps to make sure the stamp is moist by dripping a little water onto the stamp as well. This soap really suds up on the hands and my kids love washing that stamp off their hands.
  • SquidSoap is great for older children that already know to wash their hands; they're just in a hurry, don't think about it, or haven't instilled proper hand washing as a natural part of their routine.
  • SquidSoap helps change behavior, so that over time good hand hygiene becomes a natural, unconscious action.
You can find this product at Crowley Jones stores for an awesome price or on To see if it's at your local store check the map on their website.

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Here are some SquidSoap specifications:
8.4 FL OZ (250 ML)
FDA Approved Temporary Ink
Citrus Scent

You can check out the FAQ section of their website for more info.

I received SquidSoap from the folks at Soaptime for the purpose of this review & giveaway.

3 winners will receive their own bottle of SquidSoap for their family



  1. What a great concept! :)


  2. Hey, that's a really cool idea there! My kids'd have a blast washing their hands too!

  3. My kids are going to have so much fun with this!!!

  4. I think this is a GREAT idea on how to teach kids to wash their hands for the appropriate amount of time!!! SOOO neat!