Thursday, July 21, 2016

Protein and Hydration

Some of you may already know this, but we live in the desert. Dry, hot, and constantly thirsty! We had the opportunity to check out E-Hydrate products, and I was very impressed. There was actually something my kids could add to their water with 0 SUGAR. AND THEY LIKED IT!!!!

 Kids E-Hydrate was a hit with them. It gave their water a refreshing flavor ....they said it tasted like that particular flavor of soda, but soda it is not!!!

This was all I had left after the kids (and myself) raided the box!

Pay no attention to that middle child's face. She loved that cinnamon roll flavor! She hadn't even tasted it yet in this pic. She was still shaking the drink. She's a character!

It's not just for the kids ya know. They have products for us grown folks too! To all my friends who live at the gym...check these products out. There's a lot of you Cross-fit junkies who could probably benefit from these too. They have Natural Protein-on-the-Go drinks and so much more for you guys and gals! Check out their website for specifics on ingredients and nutrition info.

I personally liked the Chocolate one. You just have to make sure you shake it up really well.

While you're browsing their site make sure to keep up with them via social media.

Thank you greenmomsmeet and E-Hydrate for the chance to review this product. Opinions are our own.

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