Sunday, March 6, 2016

Games, Games, Games

We love hearing from Thinkfun! They always have fun, educational games for us to play! Today I am going to share 2 new games with you all.

Lets start with Stratos Spheres

The way I explained it to my youngest is that it's like a game of Tic Tac Toe. You have to make a strategic move when it's your turn to get 4 in a row.

They did a good job taking turns :).

About the Game
Take four-in-a-row to a whole new dimension with Stratos Spheres! Stratos Spheres loses the 2-D board and lets you build the game – and your logic skills – as you go. To start, add one of your colored spheres to the white neutral sphere and pass it to your opponent. Your opponent then adds a sphere of his/her color. This 2-player game goes back and forth until one player gets four of his/her spheres in a row – in any dimension. With its 3-D construction, Stratos Spheres takes a classic play pattern and adds a dynamic new level of strategy and fun!

Big brother won the first round!

She got her win in too!

We had a lot of fun with this game. 

OK! Lets move on to our next game we had the pleasure of playing. It's all about the math people! Math Dice Chase to be exact. Now, this game is comparable to Hot Potato.

Let me tell you, I have a bunch of bloopers trying to do a video review with these kiddos. I posted a couple in Instagram with #thinkfun! Everything about this game is in the video so please enjoy!

About The Game

Mathematical Hot Potato
One part hot potato, one part math - Math Dice Chase tests your ability to quickly do mental math. Hurry to roll the dice, call out your answer, and pass the dice before you get caught with a second pair in front of you!
Thinkfun has a long list of games that incorporate STEM.
I love that with this game you can do whichever you prefer to solve the equations. Multiplication, subtraction, addition, etc. This definitely makes learning math much more fun. Math is not my friend, but playing this game with my kids made it much more enjoyable.
You can find these great games on for great prices! Make sure you check out the links below so you can keep up with this company. Thinkfun always has new and exciting things to do.

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