Monday, October 19, 2015

Busy Minds

OH! Did my kids love this set?! The ideas are endless with gears. My kids were very excited about the mail the day we got this box. 

She finally got that box open!

Then it was time to dig in the recycle bin we keep by the door. Every box they could find had some potential. The creativity began to flow!

Zo decided to add a little blue tissue paper.

Lani wanted to use every gear Zo didn't use to create her machine.

Al created a pretty cool looking crane vehicle.

They were busy for a couple hours and they enjoyed it.

You can create anything and everything your heart and mind can come up with.

Maker Studio™ inspires imagination and a love for engineering. In this set featuring gears, you’ll be able to build a racecar, a cable car, a 3-wheeler and a motorcycle. For each build you’re given Engineering Challenges – experiment with friction, torque and propulsion as you engineer your solutions. Once you’ve mastered all four builds, get creative and design something that’s all your own!

Ages:  7 to adult  
Players:  Single Player
1 Spool
2 Long Connectors, 3 Medium Connectors
1 Large Gear, 1 Medium Gear
2 Large Wheels, 2 Medium Wheels, 2 Small Wheels
3 5.5" Rods, 3 1.5" Rods
13 Hub Caps
1 Hole Punch
3 Rubber Bands
10 Engineering Challenges

Thanks to the folks at Think Fun for this awesome product to review.

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