Monday, April 9, 2012

Rascal Flatts Live in the Theater

I had the nice opportunity to go see a concert live in a movie theater. Well, I thought it would be "live" but because of our location...time delay.
The event featured a special welcome message from Rascal Flatts, followed by a 45 minute concert featuring a blend of brand new music from Changed and some of their greatest hits. It wasn't really like a concert though. the band members shared some personal stories, sang a song, more stories, another song. They have beautiful families! It was nice to hear about some of their persona life off stage. They're just regular people like us with a job they love. The Q & A part said they would be taking questions from the movie theater audience and to me that meant us. I don't know if the time delay made it so they couldn't take our questions or what.
The great thing about this event is that we got to hear some songs and understand where these songs came from. It would have been better to hear more songs and not so much talking, is what I thought in the moment. After the fact, I learned a lot about these guys that I didn't know before. Loved the experience. It was a new and interesting way of promoting a new album. I wouldn't mind seeing other bands do the same thing.

Now you have the chance to really see them live in concert! Rascal Flatts is giving away a trip for 2 and tickets to see them this summer! ------> Entries thru 4/30<-------

A big thank you to One2One Network for this opportunity

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