Monday, October 3, 2011

The ABCs of Me

This blog group (voiceBoks)  I'm part of is hosting this event, so here it is :)

A: Age 31, Alex-My oldest baby, Alana-My youngest baby
B: Bashful, Blogger
C: Caring, Conscious-most of the time
D: Determined-to get done making my daughter's Rapunzel dress, Desert Dweller
E: Everyone's Ear-Not always great at giving advice, but I'm a good listener
F: Follower of Christ
G: Goofy, Gardener
H: Helper, Horses-I love them, Home schooler
I:  Ice cream is good on a hot day, no?
J: Jogging-I wish I could do it, Jesus loves me
K: Kissy Face-My daughter's nickname
L: Loving, Love to Laugh
M: Michele-My name, Military wife
N: Need to get some housework done, Night owl
O: Opinionated, Outnumbered-by my kids
P: Piano Player
Q: Quick learner
R: Rich-not in a monetary way, Reader of books
S: Sewing, scrap booking-I like to do, Sinner Saved by grace
T: Trampoline-I want one more than my kids do
U: Unstoppable ;)
V: Violet-a very pretty color...also some on Rapunzel's dress I'm needing to finish
W: Washing clothes-not my favorite thing to do
X: Xummmm, yeah...dunno
Y: Yo-Yos are fun
Z: Zoey-My middle baby


  1. I always love reading these ABC posts. I can relate with a few, like Night Owl and Reader of Books. You can read mine here:

    Visiting from vB &

  2. Love your abc's of me:)
    My girl's name is Zoe too.
    From VB

  3. Love your ABC's! My little girl wants to be Rapunzel for Halloween. We bought the costume. I wish I was crafty enough to make one for her. So nice to get to know you better. :)