Friday, July 29, 2011

Yummi Vitamins

The wonderful people at Hero Nutritionals blessed us with a surprise this morning! We received a basket full of goodies to review. You can see what my son loved most!
These vitamins have so many great things about them. First of all, the different varieties of Yummi Bear Vitamins are allergen, gluten, and dairy free. We received 3 different bottles of these tasty vitamin bears. There is the "multi-vitamin & mineral" supplement that is SUGAR FREE! This vitamin is sweetened with fiber and lo han fruit. NO SUGAR! My kids loved it and so did I! Another one we received was "Yummi Bears Vegetarian: Calcium + Vitamin D3" for normal, healthy bones and teeth. And what my kids loved about this variety was that they are sour. Not a strong sour taste, but enough for them to love it. They can have up to 3 of these a day so if your kids love them they can have more than one! The last one my kids tried was "Yummi Bears Organics: Immunity Shield." This supplement boosts the immune system and enhances your child's natural defenses. These are also gelatin and casein free. If your child has allergies to specific items, then you should really check out these vitamins! These supplements are free of so many different allergens! You can purchase these vitamins on and at local retailers. Right now you can go to Yummi Bear site and print a $1.00 off coupon!!!

Of course the limit is not 1 a day, but they would be bugging me all day for the bears if I didn't set a limit. They will think it's a special treat if I decided to give them another :).

GIVEAWAY: I am giving away a collection of sample packs of the multi-vitamins. The child and adult gummys. Includes 2- $2.00 off coupons




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