Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recycle Your Babies' Things (No used diapers please)

  This is a fairly new site, so you won't find a lot of things listed just yet. Why don't you help them out by recycling what you are not using. Your baby's clothes that are too small, those little rattles, and that baby furniture. There are also categories for moms' clothes and shoes, misc items for dad, and just a plain ole' misc section. It keeps track of your purchases. You can even make a wish list. You get your own "store" to sell your items as well. You set the price of the item and the shipping fees. You can mark it as "pick up" if you don't want to send it. My children are all past the baby stage, so there is nothing for me on there. I will, however, be checking back to see what's new in the womens' clothes category :).

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